Once there lived a farmer in a village. He had a huge apple tree in his farm, from which his family had enjoyed delicious apples since his childhood. The farmer's daughter played around the tree with her friends, just like how he had played with his friends when he was small. It had become a home for many animals, birds and insects. However, since the tree had outlived its age, it did not bear fruits anymore.
The farmer decided to cut down the tree and grow some vegetables in the space. When he took his axe and started to chop the tree, all the birds and animals created an uproar by circling the tree. The farmer's daughter and her friends also pleaded to let the tree remain, as it was a home for many and it still provided nice shade.
The adamant farmer continued to cut the tree. When he suddenly saw a small apple grown in the tree, he bit into it, and his childhood memories came rushing back. He felt his daughter should also enjoy the fun like he had enjoyed, with the apple tree. He threw away the axe and promised that he would not cut the tree.