Rucha is a \(10\)-year-old girl, who is very conscious about her activities, as she had been an over-protected child. Although she was talented, there were some self-doubts and negative thoughts in her that did not let her win. In Rucha's school badminton match she lost the prize by just a couple of points - because she was hesitant to hit harder. Next, there was a relay race coming up in her school. Rucha's friend Aruna motivated her and advised her to practise harder. Her school had a new PT instructor, named Prakash Sir. He was enthusiastic about sports and encouraged the children. He taught them techniques to ace the relay race. He gave special advice to Rucha "Think to win! Only to win!". His words kept ringing in her ears, and she practised hard with a positive attitude. On the day of the relay race, Rucha went in last for the relay race, and she was the one who had to save the team. Just as her luck would have it, she had to compete with the fastest runner in the opposite team. But she pushed aside all the negative thoughts and remembered Prakash Sir's words. She saw the finishing line and ran only towards it. She did not even realize that she had won the race until Aruna called out to her. She had won not just the race, but also her hesitation, self-doubts and denials.
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Think to win! Only to win!