Study the information about general moments in reported speech.
Compare direct and indirect speech:
  1. Mary said, “I am sleeping”. (direct)
  2. Mary said that she was sleeping. (indirect)
Some facts about tell and say
1. We use say without prepositions when it is not followed by the person being spoken to.
Mike said," I need some time".
Mike said (that) he needed some time.
2. We can use say with the preposition to when  it is followed by the person being spoken to. 
Mike said to me,“ I love swimming”.
Mike said to me (that) he loved swimming.
3. We use tell without prepositions when it is followed by the person we are talking to. 
Sam told me, "I want to visit Alaska".
Sam told me (that) he wanted to visit Alaska.
Remember some phrases with tell:
Tell the truth, tell a secret, tell a lie, tell a story, tell the time, tell the difference, tell on from another.
1. We use the verbs ask and want to know in reported speech. Verbs, pronouns, time expressions change in statements. We use a certain order in the sentence.
Paul asked her, “Are you reading a book?”
Paul asked her if she was reading a book.

2. When we have questions with a question words (who, where, how, when, why, what), then the second part of the sentence starts with this word.
"Why do you like playing basketball?”, asked Mary
Mary asked why I liked playing basketball.

3. When we have questions that start with an auxiliary or modal verb, then you should use if or whether when you introduce reported speech.
“Can you help me to arrange a meeting?”, asked Melany
Melany asked if I could help her to arrange a meeting.
Reported speech and questions from the lesson "Jane Eyre":
1. Jane told Bessie that she would hide herself in the library with Uncle Reed’s book.
2. John ordered Jane to come there when he called her.
3. Eliza asked Jane what she was doing then.
4. Mrs. Reed told Bessie to take her away to the red room and lock her in there.
5. Miss. Temple asked Jane whether she could read and write.
6. Miss. Miller asked Miss. Temple where she should put Jane.
7. Jane asked Helen why they called it an institution.
8. Helen asked Jane why she had come there.
9. Jane asked Mrs. Fairfax whether she would have the pleasure of seeing Miss. Fairfax that night.
10. Miss. Adela told Jane that she could sing and dance also.