Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte revolves around an orphan who has to live with her aunt's family. Jane, who is just ten years old, is ill-treated by her aunt Miss Reed and her children John, Georgina and Eliza. She is not given proper education, where she has to learn from the picture books of her uncle. Bessie, the maid, takes care of her. Jane is punished for reading books by putting her in a red room. She gets sick and cries. She is later transferred to a charity school called Lowood, where she is put in fourth form. She befriends Helen, another orphan who also likes to read books. Unfortunately, she dies due to a lack of proper care. She later completes her education and works as a teacher. She tutors for Miss Adela, who is the daughter of Mr. Rochester, the owner of Thornfield. She gets along with her and teaches her to gain practical knowledge.