Jane Eyre is a novel that focuses on the plight of women in the Victorian era. Women were generally supposed to stay at home and not read or get an education. Jane, who is also an orphan, is doubly oppressed due to this fact. The fact that she is oppressed by her own cousins who are young children is a cause of concern, as it shows that children learn from their parents. If they see kindness being projected, they grow into a kind person. But they may grow into a dangerous person when they see hatred around when they grow up. Jane is very determined and does not lose hope. She puts up with everything and gets educated. This education is what paves the way for her to lead an independent life, where she could take care of herself. She also empathizes with Miss Adela, as she was once like her. She does not just keep her education to herself but passes it on to another young girl to empower her.