At Thornfield
Mrs. Fairfax: How do you do, my dear? I am afraid you have had a tedious ride. You must be cold. Come to the fire. Do sit down.
Jane: Thank you madam. Don’t trouble yourself much.
Mrs. Fairfax: Oh, it’s no trouble. You have brought your luggage with you, haven’t you, my dear?
Jane: Yes madam. Shall I have the pleasure of seeing Miss. Fairfax tonight?
Mrs. Fairfax: Miss. Fairfax. Oh, you mean Miss. Adela! Adela is the name of your future pupil.
Jane: Indeed. Then she is not your daughter?
Mrs. Fairfax: No, I have no family. She is Mr. Rochester’s ward. But I will not keep you sitting up late tonight. Come, I will show you your bedroom.

[Jane takes rest and sleeps well at night. She wakes up early in the morning and goes out for a walk.]

Mrs. Fairfax: What? Out already? You are an early riser. How do you like Thornfield?
Jane: I like it very much.
Mrs. Fairfax: Yes. It’s a pretty place.

[Miss. Adela comes running up the lawn followed by her attendant Miss. Varens.]

Mrs. Fairfax: Here she comes. Good morning Miss. Varens.
Miss. Varens: Good morning, Mrs. Fairfax.
Mrs. Fairfax: [To Adela]Come and speak to the lady who is going to teach you in future.
Miss. Adela: Good morning, Miss. Jane.
Jane: Good morning. Come here. [Adela crosses to her.]You are beautiful. Tomorrow we will begin our lessons and learning.
Miss. Adela: Our learning?
Jane: Yes. We will take walks through the fields that surround Thornfield and we will learn about nature, animals and the flowers. We will study all we can that isn’t in books and all we can that is. And we will paint.
Miss. Adela: Paint, Miss. Jane?
Jane: Yes, paint. I believe that art is the window of the soul. Do you like to draw, Miss. Adela?
Miss. Adela: Yes Miss. Jane. I do it all the time. I can sing and dance also. Shall I?
Miss. Fairfax: Adela, you have many weeks and many months to entertain Miss. Jane. Now you go to your room.
Jane: Yes, I will look forward to the entertainment eagerly. [Miss. Varens and Adela leave.]
[Jane starts teaching Adela and leads a new life in Thornfield.]
Jane Eyre reaches Thornfield to work as a tutor to Miss Adela, who is the owner Mr. Rochester's daughter. Miss Fairfax, who is the housekeeper at Thornfield, welcomes Jane as soon as she reaches. She reaches there in the night time and therefore Miss Fairfax enquires after her. She makes her comfortable by asking her to sit by the fireside as the weather is very cold during the night time. Since there were very few transport facilities in the olden days, she understands that it must have been a tedious journey. She also sees to that her luggage is brought in, because being a housekeeper, she would be in charge of arranging for a stay in the house.
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Miss Fairfax takes good care of Jane
Jane initially mistakes Miss Fairfax as the owner of the house and that she is there to tutor for her daughter. But she clears it up, saying that she is there to teach Miss Adele, who is the daughter of Mr. Rochester. She has no family and is looking after the house for him. Jane therefore stays the night, takes good rest and later goes out for a walk. Miss Fairfax enquires if Jane likes Thornfield, to which she replies that she loves the place.
Jane finally meets Miss Adela, who is accompanied by the maid Miss Varens. Miss Adela wishes her as soon as Miss Fairfax introduces her to Jane as her future teacher. Jane takes a liking to her, as she also has a single parent and lives a lonely life like her own childhood. Jane decides to have a different approach to learning with Adela. She does not go with the book materials, rather teaches through practical knowledge. She decides to take her for a walk and teach her about flowers, birds and animals around them. She also says that they can learn painting, as she believes that one can know oneself better through art. Adela likes Jane, that she wants to showcase her talents like dancing and singing. Miss Fairfax reminds her that Jane is going to stay with them and she may do so later. Later, Jane and Adela bond well and Jane starts a new life in Thornfield.
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Jane teaches painting to Adela and bonds well
Meaning of difficult words:
HousekeeperThe person who is in-charge of the house when the owner is gone
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