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A Bio - Poem is an essay about oneself in the form of poetry. It includes personal anecdotes or autobiographical elements. it is also a form of self expression.
The format for a bio poem includes:
Line 1 : Your name.
Line 2 : Four adjectives that describe you.
Line 3 : Son of / daughter of , brother of / sister of
Line 4 : Lover of three people, things or idea.
Line 5 : Who feels (three sensations or emotion)
Line 6 : Who needs (three things)
Line 7 : Who gives (three things)
Line 8 : Who fears (three things)
Line 9 : Who would like to see (three persons or places)
Line 10 : Who lives in
Line 11 : Your last name.
Beautiful, wealthy, restless, unhappy
Wife of Tom Buchanan
Who loved Gatsby and parties
Who felt unhappy in her marriage, loved the finer things in life, felt that love was the most important thing in life
Who feared her husband's infidelity, being unloved, and being without money
Married Tom and had a daughter
Who wanted to be loved and happy, regardless of the consequences
Born in Louisville, lives in East Egg, Long Island
The following example is taken from the famous novel 'The Great Gatsby'