John Edward Masefield was born on \(1\) June \(1878\), in Ledbury, Herefordshire (England). His parents are George Masefield and Caroline. He was an English poet and a well-known writer. He wrote many novels and poems, especially for children.
His best-known children's novels are:
  • "The Midnight Folk"(1927)
  • "The Box of Delights"(1935)
His most famous poems are:
  • "The Everlasting Mercy"(1911)
  • "Cargoes"(1903) 
  • "Sea-Fever"(1902)
John Masefield's first voyage in sea brought him seasickness. However, the following journeys proved worthwhile. Travelling was delightful to him as he could see flying fish and birds around him. Whenever he was travelling, he used to read many poems and prose. The voyage made him explore many new things. His poems were mostly focused on sea voyages. He was fond of travelling in the sea. During his travel, he used to write poems based on his experience in the sea voyage. After the first world war, Masefield got a chance of spending most of his time speaking and lecturing to American soldiers. Later on, he was appointed as a poet laureate of theUnited Kingdom in \(1930\). He passed away on \(12\) May \(1967\).