It was the age of chivalry
long ago in man’s history
when to fight for a righteous cause
one did gain considerable applause.
It was mainly for show, love and glory
they deemed themselves being worthy
to capture the heart of some fair maiden
which was the most desired prize laden.
Oh, they would strike heavy blows
on all of their opponents and foes
in a one to one combat defying death
as crowds watched with abated breath.
Yes, it was far back in those days of yore
that courage and strength came to the fore
where there was this life and death struggle;
such issues at hand the knights would juggle.
It was an age of knights and noblemen. If you see the history of man, when people fought for their rights or any good cause, those people always got praise for their good deeds. These knights and noblemen would generally do those good deeds for fame, love, or to take the credit of their glory. Most knights desired to win princesses. With this mindset, the noblemen would attack opposing armies with full energy. They will have a battle and defy death every time, as the people in their country would watch them with awe.

Many years ago, courage and strength were crucial and were the priority. Every day, the people in those days would play with their lives. So these were some of the things those people would always do, and play with their lives.
Meanings of difficult words:
ChivalryKnights or Noblemen.
Abated Subside.
YoreA long time ago.
Defying Refuse to obey.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-7. The Poem of Adventure - George Krokos. (pp. 98-100). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.