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Deep inside the mountain
the adventures hide themselves.
They are of all forms and shapes.
They all have an excellent ending,
because those that live their lives in adventure
see the world in an extraordinary special way.
To attract the adventures into the patterns of habit
you only need to close your eyes
and ask them to embrace you.
You can also imagine that you are transparent
and feel the wind stream through you
instead of going against you.
Or imagine there are tiny little wings on your back
and every time you take a new step you bounce a bit.
Maybe life itself is one big adventure
if only you have the correct shades on.
Back in the days of old
when knights were bold
who with a sword or lance
in armour sought romance.
It was the age of chivalry
long ago in man’s history
when to fight for a righteous cause
one did gain considerable applause.
It was mainly for show, love and glory
they deemed themselves being worthy
to capture the heart of some fair maiden
which was the most desired prize laden.
Oh, they would strike heavy blows
on all of their opponents and foes
in a one to one combat defying death
as crowds watched with abated breath.
Yes, it was far back in those days of yore
that courage and strength came to the fore
where there was this life and death struggle;
such issues at hand the knights would juggle.
And in fighting for their country, faith and king
noble impressions on people’s minds would ring
that even through the ages are held in high esteem
those knights in shinning armour do now all seem.
There are many legends based on their heroic exploits
a legacy of tales which have been told with much adroit
highlighting aspects of human wisdom related to virtue and vice
and the lessons to be learnt are those of goodness and sacrifice.
History usually repeats itself time and again
as it often happens a situation comes when
we’re asked to do something for a just cause
and acting with chivalry we shouldn’t pause.
                ---- George Krokos
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2021). Term-2 English Standard-7. The Poem of Adventure - George Krokos. (pp. 101-105). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.