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Sarojini Naidu was born in the year \(1879\) in Hyderabad in a Bengali family. She was a poet, political activist and propagator of civil rights for women; she played an important role in the freedom struggle. She was fondly known as the "Nightingale of India" for her poetical prowess by Mahatma Gandhiji and "Bharat Kokila" by Rabindranath Tagore.
*Sarojini Naidu - the Nightingale of India.
She did her schooling in University of Madras. Later, she went to Kings College in London and finally finished her studies at the Girton College, Cambridge. She married Govindarajulu Naidu at the age of \(19\). They had five children.
Sarojini became a part of Indian National Congress movement for India's independence from British rule. She was appointed as the President of the Indian National Congress in \(1925\) and later became the Governor of the United Provinces in \(1947\), the first woman to hold the office of Governor in the Dominion of India.
Her famous writing works include:
  • The Golden Threshold - A collection of poems
  • In the Bazaars of Hyderabad
  • The Feather of the Dawn
  • The Gift of India
  • If you call me  
Wandering Singers:
Wandering singers are a band of folk musicians who wander from village to village to spread their music. Their music usually carry strong messages of love/activism/societal issues etc. They use music as a medium of their expression, as it reaches people of all ages and classes easily. They do not have any particular place as home - the whole world is their home. Naidu has written a poem about such wandering singers.