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Davis Bates was born on \(6th\ \)March \(1809\), in Ohio, America. He is an American poet and short story writer. He was educated in Buffalo, New York. He started working from a very young age, and slowly reached great heights in the corporate sector. Although very little is known about his life, his writings have been hailed by readers from all walks of life. He went on to become the chief corporate sector in the Indianpolis Mercantile House.
Bates' writing generally belongs to the light hearted and gentle genre. His magnum opus is 'Eolian' which contained collection of poems. He was nearly \(40\ \)when he published this and came into limelight. It was initially restricted only in journals, but later was sold as a whole book. His best known collection of poems also include 'Childhood' and 'Speak Gently', which was translated into numerous languages. 'Speak Gently' was later used as a parody by Lewis Carroll when he wrote the book 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Notable Works:
  • Chiding
  • Childhood
  • Speak Gently
  • Eolian