The speaker is asking everyone to speak softly instead of screaming. He says to talk to everyone with love and not by fear of getting scolded. Like in our daily life example, we can say that the teacher can have a good relationship with his/her students by just loving them for what they are. The students should not be scared of him/her, that he/she might scold her/him. The relationship would get sour if they use harsh words, and the good they are doing of teaching students will not stay in their minds.

In the second stanza, the poet is saying us to speak in a gentle and kind voice between friends, don't raise the voice to prove that you love each other; tell it slowly. If we reduce the voice, then it will come from the heart and can get connected effortlessly. The friendship will last longer, and the voice will sound affectionate.

In the third stanza, the poet is saying to be kind and talk in a gentle way to the little children, because that is the way the small child will love us more. The childhood may not remain for a long time, so when we show them kindness and softness, the child may cherish them for a long time.


Talk to the young who are in their youth with kind words and in a gentle way. Young people will already have enough problems in their life as people would treat them neither as adults nor children. They will be anxious to explore more. So, they will need enough love and care at that stage.
We should speak soft and politely to the aged people. Generally, older people have gone through enough of their share of happiness and worry. When they are old, their body is worn out, and the mind becomes less active. They need care and attention like any child. Speak to them with care and attention as they left with only some time to live.

Be kind and gentle towards the poor people. They don't enjoy a luxurious life and will be suffering to get food, money, and shelter, so speak to them in a tone that is not rude and don't use rough and unkind words. They have to go through enough problems in their life to earn a living and to feed their families. So, be kind to them.

Speak gently to the prisoners who have made several mistakes in their lives. Maybe they would have become bad due to the unkindness shown to them. The wise words can win their hearts and make them a better person.

Speak gently to god. He always helped man when needed. He gave up his life for the man's stubborn will.  He made sure to be peace when all the elements on earth are in a battle against each other. So, speak to the god with the utmost softness in prayer.

The poet compares our hearts to a deep well. He says talk to yourself so gently that happiness and joy prevails, and to every man ever after.