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     She opened the door and quickly ran through it. "What a splendid garden!" she exclaimed. "Why, I'm no bigger than the insects that crawl on these flowers." But the excitement soon wore off. Alice grew bored with her tiny size. "I want to be big again," she shouted. Her shouts startled the White Rabbit, who ran past her again. Mistaking her for his maid, he ordered, "Go to my cottage and fetch my gloves and fan." Alice was confused by the Rabbit's behaviour. "Maybe I'll find something at the cottage to help me find my way out," she said hopefully.
     As she was going out, she saw a piece of chocolate cake that was kept on a table by the doorway. Next to the cake was a note that read "EAT ME". "I'm so hungry," Alice said as she ate the cake. Suddenly she felt strange and realized - “Oh no! I've grown larger than this house!" she cried.
     "Get out of my way! You're blocking the door!" shouted the White Rabbit. Alice managed to pick up his fan. Immediately, she began to shrink. But little did she know, it was a magical fan, which made her small again. "Oh no, I'll never get back to the right size," she went looking for help.
     Soon, she saw a green caterpillar dressed in a pink jacket. He was sitting on the top of a large mushroom, smoking a bubble pipe. "One side makes you big, the other side makes you small," he said to Alice before slithering away. "One side of what?" Alice called after him. "The mushroom, silly," he answered. Alice ate a piece of the mushroom. “Thank goodness, I'm growing!" she cried, "But which way do I go?"
     "That path leads to the Mad Hatter. The other way leads to - Lae March Hare," said a voice. Alice turned to find a smiling Cheshire Cat in a tree. "I'll see you later at the Queen's croquet game," he said before disappearing.
Alice opened the door and went inside to see the garden. She liked the garden very much. But she was surprised, as she became as small as the insects that crawl on the flowers. Soon, Alice became bored with her size and shouted to be big again. The White Rabbit, which was passing near her, got startled by her shouts. The White Rabbit thought that Alice was his maid and ordered her to bring his gloves and fan from his cottage. Alice was confused by whatever the Rabbit was saying. She thought that if she can go to the cottage, maybe she could find her way out.
While Alice was going out, she saw a piece of chocolate cake on the table. Next to it, on the table near the doorway, she could see an "eat me" tag. Alice was very hungry, she ate the cake immediately, and this time, she grew of more considerable size than the house.
Eat me.svg
The White Rabbit appeared again and asked Alice to get out of his way. He said that she was blocking his door. Alice picked up his fan, and she started to shrink again. It was a magical fan, and she shrunk smaller than her original size. Alice was upset as she wanted to be her original size.
Alice with caterpillar.svg

Alice saw a green caterpillar with a pink jacket, who was sitting on a large mushroom. The caterpillar was smoking a bubble pipe. He said that one side would make her big and the other side small and slithered away. Alice did not understand and asked the caterpillar for one side of what? The caterpillar replied that he was talking about one side of the mushroom. Alice ate the piece of mushroom and started growing. Now she wanted to know which way she has to go.
A voice from somewhere said that one path leads to Mad Hatter and the other to Lae March Hare. Alice found a smiling Cheshire Cat on the tree. He said that he would meet at the Queen's croquet game, and then it disappeared.
Cheshire Cat
Meanings of difficult words:
Cottage A small house.
Slithering Wriggle away.
Croquet A game played with wooden balls are driven through a series of square-topped hoops by means of mallets.
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