During the festival, the quiet hamlet is transformed into a vibrant cultural hub where visitors can learn about the craft of patachitra. Several workshops are held, stories are told, and different types of pata artwork are displayed for sale. Musical and dance performances by well-known artists start in the evening and go on well into the night. The patuas hold demonstrations on natural colour extraction from sources.
     Watching a patua singing gently as he or she unfurls the scrolls is an unforgettable experience. The play of light and shadow from the oil lamps on the soft colours and delicate imagery of the paintings is magical. If you are interested in traditional art and crafts, do visit this unique village. It will be a delightful experience in a beautiful rural setting.
The usually calm village becomes a lively, high-spirited cultural centre where the guests learn about the patachitra art. There are many workshops, story-telling, and varied types of pata art are put up for sale. Also, famous artists perform musical and dance shows in the evening, which goes on until late. The artists present shows on how colours are extracted from natural sources.
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The delicate imagery of the paintings is magical!
It is a memorable experience to watch a patua artist sing softly as he reveals the scroll. It is enchanting to see the lights and shadow, produced from the oil lamps on the natural colours of the delicate pictures. One can visit this impressive village if interested in this ancient art form; it will be a captivating experience in a beautiful village setup.
Meanings of difficult words:
hamleta small settlement, generally one smaller than a village
hubthe effective centre of an activity, region, or network
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