Naya is a quiet hamlet in West Bengal that houses about 250 chitrakaars or artists, who practise the traditional art form called "patachitra" - a type of storytelling using scrolls. To suit the demands of the changing times, the art has been modernized by including social and contemporary events, apart from traditional folklore and mythological stories. The artists established this village as an innovative step to revive their heritage. Today the art has started flourishing again.
A pata is made by stitching sheets of commercial poster paper. Colours are extracted from natural sources like saffron, teak leaves, lampblack etc. It is mixed with the bel tree's sap and a thin cloth is attached behind the painting so that it lasts for a long time. The completed scrolls are dried and stored in rolled-up bundles. Women have broken the barriers and have exceeded men in the development of this art.
The annual three-day festival called Pot Maya transforms the calm village into a vibrant cultural hub. Do visit the Naya village if you are interested in learning about patachitra. Lots of traditional and modern works are on sale. Music and dance performances by well-known artists are additional highlights to the event. It is guaranteed that visiting this village will be a delightful and unforgettable experience for art lovers.
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Patachitra art!