Diary writing is an informal, personal account written and read by the same person. It is written in diaries, where the dates are already printed - it is good to mention the time and place when the writer starts writing the diary account for the day. It can include a person's experiences, thoughts, feelings, comments on the day's events, happenings or any random incidents also. There is no specific format for a diary account.
A page from a diary!
Features of a diary account:
  • Written in informal language.
  • Hand-written in a diary only.
  • Written in first person (I read about an article...; I met this person...)
  • It is expressive, informal and worthy of remembrance.
  • There is no recipient of the message - it is written by you for you only.
  • Write only the truth.
Monday, 01 September 2024
Time: 8:45 pm

Today in my school, there was a quiz program. I participated along with Ravi and Anu in my team. The quiz was easy at first, but the later rounds were getting more and more difficult. I answered more than half the questions, but I answered a few wrong also! My teacher encouraged us and told us that participation is more important than winning the game. We won the second prize, and we all got medals and trophies. I'm very happy today. My parents and my sister are also proud of me. I will try to learn more and participate without fear in more quizzes in future. It is a silent promise, just between us.