Degree: Comparison of any series of steps or stages, as in process or course of action; point in any scale.
Adjective word order:
Adjectives are describing a noun or pronoun.
When using multiple adjectives in a sequence, you must know the correct adjective order. The proper order of adjectives is given below, along with some examples. 
1. Determiners: Determiners are words placed in front of a noun to make it clear what the noun refers to.
your, a, an, the, several, etc.
2. Opinion/ Observations: An observation is something that you have learned by scanning or watching something and thinking about it.
brilliant, boring, amazing, etc.
3. Size: The dimensions, proportions, amount, or extent of something.
big, small, huge, etc.
4. Shape: The particular physical form or appearance of something.
oval, square, round, etc.
5. Age: We use age as a noun to refer to how many years.
old, antique, new, ancient, etc.
6. Colour: It is a property of light as seen by people.
brown, blue, white, etc.
7. Origin: Rise or derivation from a particular source
Indian, Spanish, Roman, etc.
8. Material: Anything that serves as a crude or raw matter to be used.
paper, silver, wooden, etc.
9. Purpose: The reason why something is done or used.
like mixing liquid.