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"Sindbad-My First Voyage" is a story-cycle taken from the "Arabian Nights" (also known as "One Thousand and One Nights"). "Arabian Nights" is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in the Arabic language during the Islamic Golden Age (8th-14th century). Sindbad's stories mainly deal with fantasy and adventures. Some of his fantastic adventures are fighting with giant birds, encountering sea monsters, and destroying evil characters.
The story "Sindbad-My First Voyage" is about a sailor named Sindbad (also spelt as "Sinbad"), who lives in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The sailor explains his first voyage to a poor porter named Sindbad. The sailor belongs to a wealthy family. After his father's death, Sindbad, the sailor inherited the wealth and spent it lavishly. Later on, Sindbad realises his mistakes, and he faces various struggles to regain his wealth. The main themes of the story are adventures, hardships, generosity, luck, and good fortunes.

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