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"Sindbad-My First voyage" was a fictional story about a sailor named Sindbad. Sindbad, the Sailor, was narrating his first voyage to a poor porter named Sindbad. The sailor belonged to a wealthy family. His father was a merchant. Sindbad's father passed away when he was young. Due to his immaturity, Sindbad lost all his wealth. He decided to sail the Persian gulf to sell his goods. On the way, Sindbad and his crew members saw a beautiful green island. They felt hungry after sailing for a long time. They started to cook food by lighting fire. After some time, they noticed that the ground was trembling. They realised that it was not an island. It was a big water animal. Immediately, many of them jumped into the water to save their lives and a few escaped by sailing. Unfortunately, Sindbad, the sailor, was not able to reach the ship. Later on, he held a piece of wood and reached an island. In the strange island, the sailor noticed a man. He narrated his story to that man. After hearing all his misfortunes, the man felt pity on Sindbad, and he took him to the king Mihrjan. The king heard all his hardships and sufferings, and he appointed Sindbad, the sailor, as an officer. Later on, Sindbad worked hard, and he became prosperous again. He was longing to go to his hometown, "Baghdad". He enquired about his city to the men who reached the port for sailing. But no one knew about his city. On a fine day, Sindbad, the sailor, noticed a ship was approaching near the port. It was the same ship that left him long back. The captain of the ship met him and felt overjoyed on seeing him alive. The crew members and Sindbad hugged each other. It was time for him to return to his hometown. Sindbad, the sailor, went to say goodbye to the king. The king presented him with many expensive gifts. Finally, the sailor's story came to an end. The poor porter Sindbad was listening to his story with enthusiasm. Before leaving the place, Sindbad, the sailor, gave him a purse full of gold coins. The poor porter was overjoyed. The sailor asked the porter to come the next day to listen to his next adventure. The porter left the place with extreme happiness.