Sindbad completed the tale of his first voyage. The poor porter Sindbad was listening to the amazing tale of Sindbad with all wonder. Sindbad the sailor then bade good bye to the poor porter and asked him to come the next day to hear the tale of his new voyage. But before leaving, he presented Sindbad a purse full of gold coins. The unexpected riches overjoyed Sindbad the porter. He thanked his rich host and went home.
Sindbad was a good story-teller. His story-telling character is proven in all his voyages. Sindbad's first voyage had finally come to an end. Sindbad (the porter) was listening to the sailor's story with curiosity and eagerness. The sailor then bid farewell to the porter and invited him to return the next day to learn about his new adventure. At the end of the story, the rich Sindbad gifted him a purse full of gold coins. The porter was overjoyed by the unforeseen wealth. He expressed his gratitude and returned home with a huge smile. The day had given the porter good memories, unexpected hope, and a new life.
It is understood that the porter came back to listen to Sindbad's rest of the adventures. The adventures made the porter feel very energetic and enthusiastic. At the end of each story, the porter was gifted with gold coins. Hence, the voyages had transformed the sailor's life, and the stories had reshaped the porter's life.
Purse full of gold coins
Meanings of the difficult words:
Tale A fictitious story, especially one that is imaginatively recounted
Amazing Very impressive; excellent
BadeUtter a greeting or farewell to
VoyageA long journey involving travel by sea or in space
Host A person who receives or entertains other people as guests
GratitudeThe quality of being thankful
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