Classroom rules are necessary to maintain discipline in the class. Students with teachers have to decide upon the rules which need to be followed. Student inclusion is important. Based on the grade, rules can be prepared. If it is for primary students, then the classroom rule can be as simple as form queue while going for assembly and games, wash your hands before and after lunch, etc. For higher grades, it can be different like be kind, polite, and courteous to your classmates and teachers. These rules are useful to maintain a successful and functional classroom and to make everyone feel safe
Some classroom rules are:
1. We will say ‘please’ to request anyone.
2. We will say ‘thank you’ for help.
3. We will ‘listento our teacher.
4. We will work as a ‘team.
5. We will ‘respect our school.
6. We can ‘loveeach and every creature.
7. We can ‘forgive’.
8. We should ‘not give up’.
9. We can ‘encourage’ others.
10. We will ‘smile’ always.
11. We will try to make others ‘happy’.
12. We will always tell the ‘truth’.