We all know the famous saying, "As you sow, so shall you reap." If the student is part of bullying, then he might also be getting bullied someday, or maybe they have to face more consequences. If a student has ever got bullied or has been part of bullying, don't keep quiet. Seek intervention from your elders who could be either a teacher, parent, or the principal. Make the students understand how they would feel if they were in that situation. Empathy will always help, as you comprehend how others might feel.
Make your school a bully-free zone.

Ragging is also a type of bullying. A bully can be one of the peers, neighbours, or even in-office colleagues. Be it ragging or bullying we should understand if the opposite person says "NO" to something being done, then we must respect their feelings and understand that not everyone can fight back. So, think before you leap in such situations, wherein you are going to be a part of the wrong group. Don't target anyone.

Generally, a person who bullies will be either the victim of the bully or the student has something to hide, so, they divert the attention of others to the quiet student who does not respond. Don't be silent onlookers, because sometimes, the person who is bullied takes it too seriously. Better stand up for them and seek help so that you can make the world a better place to live.