The poem "A thing of beauty" is written by John Keats. He says the loveliness of beauty ever increases and it can never stop. Nature provides a bower for us to relax and sleep well, to lift our spirits, and to heal our mind, body and soul. Everyday we wreathe ourselves like a flowery band to bind ourselves with earth. There are many evils like despondence, inhumanity, dearth of nobility and dark ways of life in our society. Only the beauty around us in the form of everyday things can save us from such evils. The poet lists several beautiful things that can help us lift our spirits - like sun, moon, trees, fellow men, daffodils, streams of water, musk-rose blooms, and inspirational stories of the mighty kings. The poet says such natural beauty is like an endless fountain of an immortal drink, pouring to us from heaven - which helps us live healthily forever.
The sun, moon, trees, fellow men, daffodils, clear rills, thick bushes, musk-roses - the various shapes of beauty around us.