Fireworks night is a tradition followed in various foreign countries where they celebrate by displaying colourful fireworks to mark a special day of the year, like New Year Day, Independence Day etc. In the United Kingdom, fireworks night or bonfire night is celebrated on November 5th every year, as a remembrance of Guy Fawkes, an important person in the history of the United Kingdom.
A display of beautiful, colourful fireworks!
The poem has been set on a day of such fireworks. It creates a lot of colours, sounds like BANG!, THUD! much to our enjoyment; but we must think about our pets who tend to get scared of such noises. It intimidates them, and this poem is a about a dog, that asks his master to let him inside for the night, so that he can guard the master the rest of the days peacefully, from his kennel. This poem is a warning and reminder to all, to remember and safeguard their pets.
The poem is narrated by a dog. This is called personification. Personification is a literary/poetic device used to attribute human characteristics to non-living things or animals.
The poem has been written by the famous children fiction writer, Enid Blyton. She was born in the United Kingdom in \(1897\). She has written stories, poems, plays, fictional series etc. She is a great hit among the children and her series like Famous Five, and Secret Seven are till date bestsellers across the globe. She died in \(1968\), at the age of \(71\) - but continues to live in the hearts of all book lovers till today.
*The famous writer, Enid Blyton!
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