Having a friend is like planting a flower
Show love and kindness it one day will bloom
Let’s be aware as we walk on this planet
Even the tiniest creature needs room.
Lessons in life aren’t always so simple
Nothing you’re given will ever come free
Even the smallest of gifts deserves “thank you”
I respect you and you respect me
I think of you and you think of me.
This poem explains about the learnings we get from life. The first stanza speaks about friendship. The poets say that having a friend is like planting a flower. To grow plants, we carefully pour water and add manure to our plants so that it grows well.
Having a friend is like planting a flower.
Similarly, we should cultivate friendship by showing love and kindness to all. If we show love and kindness to all, one day, the flower of friendship will blossom. Friendship is compared to growing a flower in this stanza. Like how we grow our plants, we should develop our friendship with others.
Growing plants are similar to cultivating friendships!
As we walk on the land that earth has given us, we should be conscious of all the small creatures that live here along with us. Even the tiniest ant needs its space on this earth, we cannot invade any other creature's space. The poet could have also implied to say that while we walk, we may stamp the tiny creatures like ants/insects. So we should be cautious to respect their homes and not hurt them.
What we learn from life is not simple. There are some hard lessons, and there are some costly lessons. Whatever we get in our life has a cost. For example, the education that we get today has a cost. Our parents spend money so that we get educated. Another example is the air that we breathe in, given by Mother Nature. It may seem free, but we should thank our nature and repay by planting more trees and by not destroying nature and her resources. Even if someone gives us a small gift, we should appreciate it and thank them. Even the smallest gift has a cost, as nothing is free in this world. We should not think that it is a small gift and it does not require thanks. We should respect each other and think of the other person - what the other person needs, what we can do to help them etc.
Be thankful for even the smallest of gifts!
Meanings of difficult words:
roomspace that can be occupied
bloombecome a flower, blossom into a flower
lessonsteachings, learnings
deserveshas qualities worthy of
The rhyming words from the first two stanzas:
  1. bloom - room
  2. free - me - me
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