Prasanth visited his grandfather's house, in Nagathi for his vacation. He had a group of friends, and he loved spending time with his grandfather and his friends. His grandfather advised the children about road safety, safety while going out in the sun, and precautions to be taken at home for general safety.
Grandpa advised them to walk carefully on the roads and cross the road when traffic was clear. He also informed them not to use cell phones while walking on the road. Next, he advised them about using sunscreen lotion to avoid sunburns and the risks of sunstroke. He told them to play outdoors but with adequate breaks in-between. The children asked about home safety, and grandpa told them to use cell phones wisely and in the presence of adults. He instructed them to keep medicines, fertilizers, poisonous items, sharp equipment - locked and kept out of sight and reach of small children. The children thanked grandpa for his wise guidance.