Vetri was once a successful business man in Coimbatore. Vetri Constructions, was once a leading construction company. His company constructed many shopping complexes, houses and a few apartments in and around Coimbatore. Everything went well, until his father died. After his father’s death his brothers demanded to split the wealth as they wanted to start their business separately.
     From then on Vetri found it difficult to establish his business. He took loans to run his company, but he could not pay the loan. So, he sold all his properties and paid the loans. Vetri's family now lived in a very small home.
The story is set in a place called Coimbatore, a bustling city in Tamil Nadu. Vetri was a rich and successful businessman. His business was a leading construction company, which constructed many buildings like houses, apartments, shopping complexes in the city of Coimbatore. His business was called Vetri Constructions.
Vetri Constructions was once a successful business!
After Vetri's father died, the business did not continue well. His brothers fought for their share from the property to start their own businesses, and the wealth was split between them. After the splitting of wealth, it was difficult for Vetri to start his business again. He borrowed money to run the business but could not repay the money. He was forced to sell all his properties to repay the loans. So Vetri's family moved a small house.
Vetri repaid his loans by selling off his properties.
Meanings of difficult words:
complexesconsisting of many different and connected parts
demandedask authoritatively
establishset up on a firm and permanent basis
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