On the day of his travel, Vetri boarded the train, his memory went back to his schooldays. They lived in the beautiful village Keelakudi, near Coimbatore. The village had a middle school in the outskirts. It is in this school where Vetri had met Asif. The students and teachers of the school would never forget Vetri and Asif and their friendship. They were always together in learning and playing.

     Their friendship started on the first day of school. When Vetri's parents dropped him at the school, he started crying. Asif consoled him with a chocolate and said, "Don’t cry. We will play after the bell." after that day, stayed together, played together and even exchanged their food. Their friendship grew stronger with time. They were always good in studies and helping each other in lessons.
Vetri boarded the train. During his travel, he thought of his childhood memories. He thought about his schooldays. They lived in a village near Coimbatore, called Keelakudi. In the outskirts of the village, there was a middle school where Vetri had met Asif. Their friendship was very famous that the students and teachers would never forget about it. They always learnt and played together.
On the first day of school, when Vetri's parents left him in school, he started crying. Asif was the person who came to Vetri to console him, and he gave him a chocolate. Asif told Vetri not to cry and that he would play with him after the bell. After that incident, they had always stayed together, played together, learnt together. They also exchanged their food. Their relationship grew into a strong friendship over time. They both studied well and also helped each other in studies.
Meanings of difficult words:
boardedget on or into a vehicle
outskirtsthe outer parts of a city/village etc.
consoledcomfort someone at a time of grief
exchangedgive something and receive something
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