Section III:
The hard working and the passionate people, always chase their dream and live it. Ilavazhagi is one among the many to achieve their dream amidst all odds. A. Irudayaraj, her father was a district level champion in carrom, his dream shattered, since his family did not encourage and support him. He was determined to achieve his dream through her daughter. He used to put her daughter, on the carrom board, while she listened to the sounds of striker and coins. When she was two years old, he would carry her with him to the tournaments; he played with friends at local clubs. Her father began coaching her when she was around five. One day her father called for a match, and she won that match, which gave her confidence. The confidence led her to win, her victories included the Asia Cup and SAARC Cup and the world championship.
The next story is about Ilavazhagi, who also proved that hard work and passion for what you do, always helps you achieve your dreams. Ilavazhagi is one of the many people who have won despite many problems. Her father A.Irudayaraj was a carrom board champion, but his family did not encourage or support him. He was a district-level champion, but his dreams were shattered. He wanted to achieve his dream through his daughter. When she was a baby, he used to make his daughter lie down on the carrom board, and she used to listen to the sounds of the coins and striker. When she was two years old, he would carry her to the tournaments which he played with his friends at local clubs. Ilavazhagi's father started training her when she was around five years old. One day her father asked her to compete against him in a match. She won the match, and it gave her confidence. Starting from there, she went on to win Asia Cup, SAARC Cup and world championships.
Meanings of difficult words:
Amidst all oddsAmongst many problems/challenges.
ShatteredBroken into small pieces/extremely upset.
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