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Nouns are words used for naming a person, place or a thing.
i. Chennai is a big city.
ii. Sharan is the class topper.
iii. We have good sunshine in our city today.
iv. Courage and determination is the path to success.
There are different types of nouns:
Let us see each type in detail:
1. Proper Noun: A noun which denotes a person, thing or a place. "Proper" means one's own. Therefore it refers to one single entity.
i. Sheela
ii. Mumbai
iii. Computer 
iv. Lotus
2. Common Noun: A noun which denotes every person of the same kind or everything of the same class. "Common" means shared by all.
i. Girls
ii. Students
iii. Animals
iv. Trees
v. Cities
3. Collective Noun: A noun which denotes the name of a number or set of persons, things, places in a group, taken together. "Collective" means spoken of, as a whole.
i. A swarm of bees
ii. A bunch of keys
iii. A litter of kittens
iv. A group of boys
v. A flock of birds
4. Material Nouns: A noun which denotes the raw material of a product.
i. Gold
ii. Cotton
iii. Rice
iv. Wood
v. Rubber
5. Abstract Nouns: A noun which denotes things which can only be felt or experienced; cannot be seen. It usually refers to intangible objects (which cannot be seen/felt/touched/smelt/heard)
i. Anger
ii. Love
iii. Depression
iv. Justice
v. Education