"My Reminiscence" is a book written by Rabindranath Tagore. In this chapter, he had explained his river-side memories when he returned to Chandernagore from his second trip to England. He was reminded of the beauty of the Ganges, those ineffable days, the plaintive babbling of the river, and the leisure time that he enjoyed lazily. He felt it was his home and also the ministrations of a Mother. However, the place had changed due to technological advancements - the little river-side nests have been converted into huge mills, which belched out smoke and made continuous hissing noises. This disturbed the mental siesta and had invaded all parts of life. He recollected the afternoons he spent in that village, singing and floating by in boats, along with his brother Jyotirindra. They returned to their villa late on such nights after the place had calmed down. The villa had a flight of stone-flagged steps that started from the river bed and led to various rooms on different floors. The villa had a big sitting room with stained glass windows and colourful pictures. The topmost room of the villa had windows on all sides and permitted views to only open skies and treetops. He wrote a small poem about the room and had mentioned that he had built the house only for the sake of writing poetry.
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The author's remembrances about his days at the river-side!