Ramayya was a simple man living in the town. He lived with his wife in a nice house made of tiled roofs. He was not rich but he could take care of his family.
     Two sparrows built a nest in a nice spot in the roof of Ramayya's house and the mother-bird laid her eggs in it.
     “My dear," began the male sparrow.
     “And what do you want now?" asked his wife.
     "Why does the lady of this house always quarrel with her husband?"
     "How am I to know?" said the female bird. “Let us mind our own business."
     "You are always self-centred," said the male sparrow and added, "Should we not help this poor Ramayya?"
     The female sparrow said with disdain, "Let me see what help you can do for him. Please do not talk about what does not concern us. See that the cat does not come near our nest. That would be enough for you and me."
The story opens with the narrator introducing the character Ramayya to the readers. Ramayya was a common man who lived in the town with his wife.
Ramayya was a simple man
Though he wasn't wealthy, he earned enough to take care of his family.
Soon, the scene shifts to two sparrows living on the roof of Ramayya's house. It was a nice house made of tiled roofs.
BeFunky-collage- roof 1.jpg
A house with tiled roofs (top); Inside view of a tiled roof  where sparrows built a nest (bottom)*
The birds had found a safe and comfortable position in the roof to build a nest, and the mother-bird had laid her eggs in it.

It is interesting to note that the sparrows play a considerably big role in the story. While the story is mostly observed from birds' point of view, they also play a larger role in its plot.
The sparrows can be seen looking down (to observe Ramayya's life)

The male bird began the conversation by exchanging his observation on the relationship between Ramayya and his wife. He said to his wife, 'my dear, why is it that the lady (Ramayya's wife) always fighting with her husband?' The male-bird was feeling bad for Ramayya, and hence, wanted to help him.
The wife always quarrels with Ramayya, says the male bird

However, they are birds, after all. They do not possess enough power to help themselves, let alone a human. Hence, the female bird mocked at her husband and told him that he should focus on what he could or should do. She told him that he shouldn't be bothered about things that did not concern them. Her greatest concern then was to make sure that no cat came near their nest. She wanted to keep her eggs and the young ones safe from predators.
The she-sparrow said that they should mind their own business

It is quite interesting to note how the readers learn about the quarrel between Ramayya and his wife only through the eyes of the bird. Furthermore, we also see that the relationship between the birds is equally sour, with the male bird calls his wife "self-centred", while the female bird addresses her husband with 'disdain'. It is evident from the way the she-bird responds: she is quite authoritative and doesn't take her husband seriously. On the other hand, the he-bird values his wife's opinion and even calls her 'dear'.

Hence, the male bird may be sympathetic towards Ramayya's situation because he could see himself in the latter's position. Moreover, Ramayya’s situation is expressed only through the eyes of the he-bird. As a result, the credibility of the problem is in question.
Meanings of difficult words:
QuarrelA heated argument or disagreement, typically about a trivial issue and between people who are usually on good term
Self-centredTo think only about oneself and one's affairs/needs
DisdainMockery mixed with anger
ConcernA matter of interest or importance to someone
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