“But I apply the secret!” Moti was surprised that the Pundit had totally forgotten his own secret formula!
     “I see!”
     “So, now you remembered !” said Moti feeling happy. “From tomorrow I will take recourse to the boat. Let me apply the secret for the last time whole returning today.”
     Moti stepped out onto the road. It was a foggy dawn. No doubt the woman was kidding him – concluded the Pundit and he followed her tiptoe.

     Upon reaching the river the river-bank, Moti put her empty pot down and, with folded hands, paid obeisance to the river. Then, picking up the pot, she stepped into the water.
     Struck dumb, the Pundit saw her crossing the river walking with ease.
     The Pundit almost fainted.
     While demonstrating the miracle of faith, the story also draws a contrast between scholarship and innocence, between the knowledge which scholarship secures, but which remains a mere theory and the knowledge that works through ones complete faith and surrender to the Lord.
Moti innocently said that she had applied the secret and it had worked for her. She was surprised that the Pundit had forgotten his secret formula. The Pundit could not reply anything but "I see". Moti was happy that he remembered his secret at last. She said she would take the boat from the next day and that she wanted to apply the secret one last time today, for her return journey.
It was a misty sunrise that day. The Pundit was almost sure that Moti was also teasing him playfully. He decided to follow her and see how she crossed the bridge. He followed her quietly without making any sound.
Tiptoe - walk quietly and carefully with one's heels raised!
When Moti reached the banks, she put her milk pot down, folded hands and worshipped the river. Then she took her pot and stepped into the river. The Pundit was shocked that he could not even utter a word when he saw that she was crossing the river easily. He became nearly unconscious.
This story is a practical explanation of the miracles based on trust and belief in God. It also brings out the sharp differences between the highest level of academic learning and innocence. Knowledge remains like a theory when not applied in life; it works only if we have complete belief and when we surrender to the Lord.
Meanings of difficult words:
kiddingteasing playfully
tiptoewalk quietly and carefully with one's heels raised and one's weight on the balls of the feet
obeisancerespect, worship
struck dumbso shocked or surprised that one cannot speak
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-8. Crossing the River - Manoj Das (pp. 131-137). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.