"Crossing the River" is a story based on the miracle of faith in God. There was a celebrated Pundit in a village, who was so knowledgeable that he held his disciples spellbound for hours. Moti was an innocent milkmaid who was commissioned to supply milk to the Pundit every day, from the other side of the river. She discharged her duties respectfully and sincerely; she thought it was her privilege to serve the Pundit. One day the Pundit asked her if she could supply milk early, before daybreak, as he had undertaken a vow, for which he required milk before dawn. She agreed enthusiastically, but the boatman could not ply the boat in darkness. When she told the Pundit, he jocularly asked why she needed the boat. He said she could utter the name of Vishnu and cross the river, as mystics have said.
Moti - the innocent and faithful girl, believed him and was happy that he had shared a secret with her. Days passed, and the Pundit's vow period came to an end. When he thanked her and the boatman for their sincere service, Moti revealed that she had not taken the boat, but walked on the river. The shocked Pundit decided to follow her and find the truth. He saw that she paid obeisance to the river and walked across the river with ease, by uttering the name of God.
This story demonstrates the sharp contrast between scholarship and innocent faith in God. Only when we have total trust and completely surrender to God, we can apply our knowledge to the fullest.
Crossing the river!