This is a real incident that happened in a place called Rio do Sul, in South Brazil.
A man was living on the streets in Rio do Sul. He was a homeless person as he did not have any money to buy himself food or shelter.
A homeless person on the streets.
But whatever food he got, he sacrificed to feed the stray dogs around him. One day he fell sick, and he required emergency treatment. His faithful dogs came to his rescue and did not leave him alone. The kindness that he showed came back to him like a boomerang. It was the dogs' turn to show him their kindness. Boomerang is a curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so that it will return to the thrower, traditionally used as a hunting weapon.
Boomerang, returns to the thrower!
This unbelievable story of the dogs and their homeless master was seen and experienced by nurse Cris Mamprim and her co-workers. The homeless man's name was César. He came to the emergency room of the hospital at \(3:00\) AM that morning, to get treated for an already prevailing health problem that he had been suffering. César normally went to the health facility (clinic) in town, but this was his first time at a hospital. So the hospital staff and Mamprim did not know about César's health problem or his history.
After some time, the hospital staff were in for a surprise. They realized that a gang of dogs had accompanied César. Four dogs had come to the entrance of the hospital, and they were waiting for César!
Eagerly waiting dogs!
The dogs were worried about their master (the homeless César). The nurses understood that he had not been eating properly because he had saved his food for the dogs.
Mamprim took a photo of the emotional scene. She posted it in on social media - in a medium called Facebook. She shared the story with the picture in Facebook so that such acts of kindness reaches out to all people. The post said that at the hospital where she worked, she saw that scene at \(3 AM\). She had mentioned that a homeless master of four dogs was being treated in emergency while his companions waited at the door. She further added that he was a simple person without any comforts and that he depended on others help to satisfy his hunger, cold, pain and the evils of the world. Evils of the world refers to the problems in our society like poverty, racism, increasing prices etc. But he had moral support from his companions. The love and kindness that he shared with the dogs was mutual; in return, the dogs were also equally affectionate and stayed by his side.
The exchange of love, affection, warmth and understanding was mutual between Cesar and the dogs. Cesar had accepted to the nurses that he had stopped eating to feed his dogs! Mamprim spoke to an American media called The Dodo (that focuses on spreading animal stories and animal rights issues). She said to The Dodo that the dogs looked well taken care of and healthy.
The loyal dogs were concerned and worried. They were eagerly expecting that their master Cesar should return safe. Luckily, Cesar recovered soon, and the animals joined Cesar.
The medical staff did not want to keep César and his friends apart, so they let the dogs inside after finishing his treatment. They gave some food to César. Again, he ate some food, and he saved little food for his dogs, as recalled by Mamprim.
After an hour, César left the hospital with his friends following him, happily wagging their tails.
Mamprim finally said that she did not know what his life was like, or why he was on the streets, but she admired the respect and love that he had for his little friends. Even though he did not have food, he tried to save food for the poor stray dogs. The scene of the dogs that stood waiting there at the door just showed the amount of care and love César had given them.
César did not have any money or wealth, nor does he have any relations to go back to. But, he will never be alone in his life because he has his kind and loving companions.