The tigress began her attacks in a Rupal village in western Nepal, Himalayas. Hunters were sent to kill the tiger, but she managed to escape from them. The Nepalese Army, after failing to capture or kill the tiger, drove her across the border into India. There she continued her killings in the Kumaon District. All her kills happened during the daylight. After several incidents people stopped going into the forest, to collect firewood, fruits, roots and other things. They were terrified to go out, and refused to leave their huts for work after hearing her roar from the forest. The British government requested Jim Corbett to help the villagers. He agreed to hunt down the man-eater.
The tigress started attacking people in western Nepal, Himalayas in a village called Rupal. She escaped many hunters who tried to capture her. The Nepalese Army could not kill or capture the tigress. They drove her over to Indian borders. Here she started her attacks in Kumaon District. She continued to kill hundreds of people. She killed people in broad daylight. People were so scared that they did not go into the forest to collect wood, fruits, roots or other items that they needed from the forest. They feared to go out of their huts for work, after hearing her roar from the forest. The British government was ruling India during the time. They requested Jim Corbett to help the village people. He then agreed to kill the man-eater.
Meanings of difficult words:
terrifiedextreme fear
hunt downsucceed in finding and capturing
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