Edward James Corbett was popularly known as Jim Corbett. He was a wildlife photographer, hunter (but only to help people from deadly man-eaters), tracker, naturalist and a writer.
Jim believed that hunting animals was against the laws of humans. Similarly, he also advocated that animals, especially tigers, hunt humans only when they are not able to hunt other animals, that is when they are sick or hurt.
The British government had requested Jim's help to save the Indian people from the Champawat Tiger. It had killed \(436\) people in the Kumaon area in India and Nepal. Jim Corbett shot her down in \(1907\) by arranging a bait with the help of around \(300\) villagers. The deadly animal had forced villagers to stay at home, fearing their lives.
Corbett was against the idea of game hunting and deforestation; he publicly voiced his opinion through lectures and tours. He played an important role in setting up India's first national park in the Kumaon Hills. After Jim died in \(1955\), the park was renamed as The Jim Corbett National Park.