Edward James Corbett, popularly known as Jim Corbett was a British wild life photographer, hunter, tracker, naturalist, and writer. He has hunted a number of man-eating tigers and leopards in India. He had a lot of experience with tigers and other wild animals to shoot with his cine film camera. Corbett always preferred to hunt alone and on foot. He often hunted with Robin, his dog. Though he was an expert hunter, he admired wild life. He did not like to kill wild animals for pleasure or sport. But he did not hesitate to kill man-eating tigers or leopards. He hunted these animals only to help people and only at the request of the Government. He took no joy from the kill. He often said that not against the law of nature, but against the laws of human.”
Edward James Corbett was popularly known as Jim Corbett. He had many professions, like:
  • Wildlife photographer - taking photos of animals in the wild, and its surroundings; he had rich experience with wild animals like tigers, he has shot many pictures with his cinema film camera.
  • Hunter - chasing and capturing animals for food or for sport, but Jim never hunted for this purpose. He did not like to kill wild animals. He hunted to help people by saving them from these beastly animals. The Government had requested him to hunt down animals for saving its people. His opinion was that hunting is against the laws of humans, not against the laws of nature. He admired wildlife. He has hunted man-eating tigers and leopards. He usually hunted alone, and he preferred to go by walk. He took his dog, Robin along with him.
  • Tracker - tracking/observing animals by following their trail.
  • Naturalist - interested in studying nature.
  • Writer - writing books about animals.
Meanings of difficult words:
trackertracking/observing animals by following their trail
hesitate pause or stop before doing something, reluctant
on footby walk
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