The next morning, Shree looks for school near hers. But she cannot see one. It is a little strange that she hasn’t heard of any other school nearby.
     But Chaitra is nicer than all her other friends. She is Shree’s special friend and nobody else’s friend.
     Today she doesn’t touch the hot noodles though they are her favourite flavour–chilli chicken.
     Akka wonders what is wrong. “Are you feeling unwell?”
     “Too much school work,” lies Shree.
     “Then go and finish your homework, while I take my nap,” says her aunt.
As Shree was getting ready for school the next day, she decided to look up to her nearest school(s). As Chaitra said, she started searching for schools around but could not find any. Only during that time, Shree then slowly recalled that there were no schools near her school.
Shree's school.jpg
Shree's school
Shree was certain that Chaitra's words were not true about the school's location, but she didn't care about it. Chaitra was different from her previous friends because she was impressed by Chaitra's unforgettable, impressive words. She was delighted to have Chaitra as a friend.
Shree happy about her new friend.jpg
Shree happy about her new friend

As usual, Shree returned home from school. Her aunt made a special evening tiffin of Shree's favourite: chilli chicken noodles, but Shree skipped her tiffin as she wanted to talk to Chaitra.

When Shree's aunt asked why she was skipping her tiffin, she explained that it was due to her hectic schoolwork.

Shree's aunt accepted her words and asked her to continue with her studies without having tiffin. Meanwhile, she informed Shree that she would have a short nap.
Meaning of difficult words:
Great pleasure or joy
To remember something
SkipTo not do something that you usually do
PermitTo allow
Gradually Slowly
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