The story "The mystery of the Cyber Friend" is woven around a thirteen-year-old girl named Shree. Shree's parents wanted her to learn computer, so they were happy to see her using a computer and spending time on it.
Shree's aunt also resides with them; she takes care of her while both of Shree's parents worked. Shree's aunt prepares delicious food for her most of the times, which she often discusses with her net friends. Shree's net friends made fun of it one day, and thus she blocked their contacts. When Shree regretted for having blocked them and was about to apologise, she had a friend request from an unknown person named Chaitra.
Shree was impressed with the profile picture of Chaitra and accepted her request since the picture belonged to a girl of Shree's age. The problem began there. Chaitra's messages on friendship began to create a magical spell on Shree. Shree's thoughts were around Chaitra and her exceptional friendship messages. When Shree asked about Chaitra's school, she said it was close to hers, which was not true.
Chaitra slowly created a strong friendship bond between them and offered Shree a camera mobile. Also, Chaitra asked Shree to come alone to collect the mobile from the Katpadi railway station. When Shree messaged Chaitra that she hadn't seen any school near her school, Chaitra went offline without replying.

Shree's suspicion started at this stage, and thus, she sought help from her beloved aunt. Her aunt decided to help Shree to find Chaitra's real identity and accompanied her the next day to the railway station. Shree's aunt informed the Station Manager about Chaitra and took him along to the spot.
During that time, a man of Shree's father's age approached Shree. By then, the mystery was solved. It was that person who messaged Shree using the identity of Chaitra.
Shree's aunt reached the spot and was angry to see the Cybercriminal approaching her niece. She shouted at him and started beating him. The Cybercriminal ran away as Shree's aunt had beat him up. The Station Master chased him, but the Cybercriminal disappeared into the crowded train.

Shree's aunt was bold enough to complain about the Internet criminal to the cops. They took immediate action, and the next day Cybercrime officer examined Shree's computer. It helped the police people to get details on the Cybercriminal and arrested him from his Bengaluru office.

Shree decided to share the thrilling experience of the Cybercriminal with her friends. She also determined to have friends only from her school.