The story has been written by Leo Tolstoy originally, and this is a retold version.
Paragraphs 1-3:
     There was a king who had three questions in his mind that if he always knew the right time to begin everything; if he knew who were the right people to listen to, and whom to avoid; and, above all, if he always knew what was the most important thing to do, he would never fail in anything he might undertake.
     And this thought having occurred to him, he had it proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would give a great reward to anyone who would teach him what was the right time for every action, and who were the most necessary people, and how he might know what was the most important thing to do.
     Learned men came to the king, but they all answered his questions differently.
There lived a king who was in search of answers to three questions in life. He felt he would always be victorious if he knew the answers. The questions were:
  • When is the right time to begin something?
  • Which people should he listen to?
  • What is the most important thing for him to do?
The king announced publicly throughout his country, that if anyone could answer his questions. he will reward them with a huge amount of money. Many wise men came, but each one of them gave different answers to the king's questions.
Meanings of difficult words:
proclaimedannounce officially or publicly
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