There was a king who was in search of answers for three questions in life - when is the right time to do something, who are the right people to listen to, and what is the most important thing to do. He asked many wise men in the kingdom, but all of them gave different answers. So he went in search of a wise hermit whom he believed will know the answers. The hermit was digging the ground, and the king offered to help him. He dug the ground, but the hermit did not give any reply to his questions.
Just then, a wounded man came running towards them. Someone had stabbed him, and he was bleeding. Immediately the king dressed up his wounds, gave him water, and carried him to the hermit's hut and laid him to rest. The next day, the man confessed to the king that he had come to kill him, to swear revenge for a past incident. He begged forgiveness because the king himself had saved him now. The king forgave him and was glad that he had made peace with his enemy.
The hermit explained to him the answers for the three questions, based on the incidents that happened before. He said the most important time do something is "now", the most important people are the people whom we are with at the moment, and the most important thing to do is doing good to the people we meet.