Trolleys rolled past me and I was conscious of the cries of the various vendors -the men who sold curds and lemon, the sweet meat seller, the newspaper boy- but I had lost interest in all that went on along the busy platform, and continued to stare across the railway tracks, feeling bored and a little lonely.
     'Are you all alone, my son?' asked a soft voice close behind me.

     I looked up and saw a woman standing near me. She was leaning over, and I saw a pale face, and dark kind eyes. She wore no jewels, and was dressed very simply in a white sari.
When the boy was at the railway station, he saw many people were moving with their trolleys. He could hear the shouting of various sellers like curd and lemon seller, sweetmeat seller, and newspaper seller.
Newspaper seller
The boy had lost interest in everything after waiting for a long time on the crowded platform. So he continued to look across the railway tracks. He felt very bored and lonely in the railway station.
The boy eventually heard a gentle voice behind him. 'Are you all alone, my son?' When the boy turned his attention to the soft voice, he saw a woman standing near him. The woman was dressed in a white sari and seemed to be very pale. She wore no jewellery and looked simple in her way. The boy felt a sense of kindness while looking at her eyes.
A woman
Meanings of the difficult words:
Vendors A person who sells products or services to another company or individual
Pale Light in colour or shade; containing little colour or pigment
Leaning Move into a sloping position
Stare Look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one's eyes wide open
Conscious Aware of and responding to one's surroundings
SweetmeatA sweet delicacy, as a candy or candied fruit, or originally a cake or pastry
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