The story is an excerpt from the famous classic "Black Beauty". The horse named Black Beauty was harnessed to a new cart, which was lightweight and rolled smoothly, by John. Master, John and the horse left on a long journey one autumn morning. The tollgate man near the wooden bridge warned them of the rising water levels due to the storm that day. The horse felt comfortable in the new cart and the gentle drive of the Master, therefore they proceeded. However, it was late when they started the return journey, and the weather had worsened by then. They passed through the woods where an oak tree uprooted and fell right in front of them, where they made a narrow escape. The horse trembled and stood still for a minute, and John calmed his nerves by holding its bridle. They rerouted and continued their journey. When they reached the first part of the wooden bridge, Black beauty felt something was wrong, and it did not proceed further. Master urged him by giving a sharp snap with his whip, but the horse did not move. He had an instinct that it was dangerous to proceed, so he stood still. Just then a man from the tollgate ran towards them flashing a torchlight, asking them to stop immediately. He explained that the middle part of the bridge had broken and was carried away by the flood. He also warned that they would drown in the river if they went ahead. The horse's instinct had been right! The Master and John appreciated the horse and explained that such instincts had saved the lives of many people. Finally, they reached home, and the Mistress was relieved to see them return home safely. John treated the horse with a good supper and a comfortable bed of straw for his rest because he had a tiring day.
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The majestic Black Beauty!