Character sketch: The character sketch is about the behaviour or personality of a unique character. It informs the character of the particular person, animal or the thing. It gives the details of what they think, act etc.
Character sketch of the spider from the poem "The Spider and the Fly":
The poet takes us through the entire process of how the spiders try its best to trap the fly. The poet describes the spider to be cunning and willy type. The spider tries to flatter the fly by saying words that can attract the fly. First, it asks the fly to enter its parlour, and then he uses words that can make the fly feel comfortable. Finally, the spider tries to flatter by praising the beauty of the fly.
Character sketch of the fly from the poem "The Spider and the Fly":
The fly was very soft and amiable. The poet describes the fly as most vulnerable. Initially, the fly was strong enough to understand the intentions of the spider, but later it fell prey for the flattering. The fly was happy to hear some good words and could not think of the consequences if it trusts the spider. The fly heard the flatter like it has beautiful eyes, gauzy wings, colourful robes and finally became a prey to the spider.