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Memories of My Dad:
He wasn’t a hero
Known by the world,
But a hero he was
To his little girl.

My daddy was God,
Who knew all things.
And better than Santa,
With the gifts he’d bring.

I knew his voice
Before I could speak.
And loves it when
He would sing me to sleep.

He taught me life’s lessons
Or right from wrong
And instilled in me values
That I might be strong.

And so, dear Dad
My best memory to recall
Is the gift of your presence,
The greatest gift of all.
                             ~Rebecca D. Cook.
The poem discusses the memories of the narrator about her father. Although he was not a hero to the entire world, he was certainly a hero to her, as every little girl looks up to her dad. It is narrated from the little girl's perspective as she says that her dad is better than God, as he can present her with anything. He brings her more presents compared to Santa. She fondly recollects how she recognised him by his mere voice when she was so young that she was yet to speak. He would also sing her to sleep. He taught her what life was all about. She considers him as the biggest gift ever.