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If we are to be India’s soldiers, we have to respect India’s honour, and that honour is a sacred trust. It is no easy matter to decide what is right and what is not. One little test I shall ask you to apply whenever you are in doubt. Never do anything in secret or anything that you would wish to hide. For the desire to hide anything means that you are afraid, and fear is a bad thing and unworthy of you. Be brave, and all the rest follows.
You know that in our great Freedom Movement, under Bapuji’s leadership, there is no room for secrecy or hiding. We have nothing to hide. We are not afraid of what we do or what we say. We work in the sun and in the light. Even so in our private lives let us make friends with the sun and work in the light and do nothing secretly and if you do so, my dear, you will grow up a child of the light, unafraid and serene and unruffled, whatever may happen.

I have written a very long letter to you. And yet there is so much I would like to tell you. How can a letter contain it? Good-bye, little one, and may you grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service.
With all my love and good wishes.
                                                                                                                Your loving father,
                                                                                                                Jawaharlal Nehru
Nehru then said to his daughter that if they were Indian soldiers, they had to respect India’s honour, and that honour is a precious trust. Then he said that choosing what was right and what was not right was a difficult task. He asked her to use a short test if she was confused about choosing the right thing. He told her not to do something in secret or never think to keep something hidden from others. If she wished to hide something from others, it means that she was scared about something. Also, he said that "fear" is not a good thing, and it makes one feel unworthy about themselves. He asked her to be fearless, and the rest will take care of itself.
Nehru speaks about the great “Freedom Movement”. A freedom movement is an organised movement within a society to promote or achieve liberation or independence for social, economic, religious, or other ideological reasons. He said that under Bapuji’s leadership, there was no place for secrecy or hiding. People had nothing to hide from him because they needed independence. If they were hiding something, it was not good for them. Then he said that they should not be afraid of whatever things they say or do.
Nehru said that they were living and working in the sun and the light. It means that they were not living in the dark and nothing was there to be hidden from the universe. He said that even in their private lives, they could make friendships with the sun and light. Through his words, he came to say that as Indira was growing and he was far away from her, he was trying to guide her daughter in the right way. He wanted his daughter to know the true face of society, and he wanted to make her daughter a brave one. Then he asked her daughter not to do anything secretly. If she followed his words, she would grow up like a child of the light. He said that whatever happens, she would lead her life fearlessly and peacefully.

Later, Nehru said that he had written a lengthy letter. Despite this, he had a lot of things he wanted to say to his daughter. He said that he couldn’t possibly write all of it in a single letter. Then, he bid goodbye to his lovely daughter, expressing his hope that she would one day grow up to be a courageous soldier in India’s service. He expressed his love by wishing all goodness in her life.
Meanings of the difficult words:
HonourHigh respect; great esteem 
SoldierA person who serves in an army 
DoubtA feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction 
UnworthyNot deserving respect or attention
LeadershipThe action of leading a group of people or an organisation
Secrecy The action of keeping something secret or the state of being kept secret
UnruffledNot disordered or disarranged
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