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Diary writing is an informal, personal account written and read by the same person. It is written in diaries, where the dates are already printed - it is good to mention the time and place when the writer starts writing the diary account for the day. It can include a person's experiences, thoughts, feelings, comments on the day's events, happenings or any random incidents also. There is no specific format for a diary account.
A page from a diary!
Imagine yourself as Indira and write a diary entry to your father, Nehru for the letter your received on your birthday.
                                                                                                                            October 31, 1930
Dear diary,
Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday gift – a letter – a true gift though not solid or material. Your heartfelt wishes and your words mean a lot to me. Your mind and spirit guide me from wherever you are. Your letter isn’t advice or a sermon, and the words are powerful enough to trigger the potential within me to fight for our nation. I understand that Bapuji focuses on truth, courage, fearlessness, openness, hard work, peace, straightforwardness and non-violence. I shall follow your words and grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service.