Plays, dance, and music form a very important part of the culture of Tamil Nadu, with its origin stemming from the older generations. Traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu include many individual and group forms, some of which are now being practised not only for their heritage but also for entertainment purposes during festivals. 
Karagaattam is a dance form in which the karagam pots are made in the form of a cone and enhanced with flower arrangements, with a paper parrot on the top. While they swing, even the parrot swings along with them. There are two types, namely: atta karagam and sakthi karagam. Either men or women can perform this dance. They do many types of acrobatics like dancing on a rolling block of wood moving up and down a ladder, they bend backwards and thread a needle as well.
Kavadi attamis a popular folk dance. In olden times when people went for pilgrimages, they used to carry their luggage along with the offerings, which will be tied on either side of the long bamboo stick. They used to carry this on their shoulders. So to minimize the boredom while travelling, they used to sing and dance in praise of  the lord. Later, songs were composed specifically for this.
Poikkal Kuthirai Attam: Many of the dance forms practised are woven around a story, intended to entertain the audience or to pay respects to a god. Dancers dress in animal costumes for many dances in Tamil Nadu, showing the strong connection between nature and the Gods. They dress like a peacock for Mayil Attam, as a horse while performing Poikkal Kuthirai, as a bull in Kaalai Attam, snake-like dress for Paambu Attam and as a bear in Karadi Attam. But, the poikkal kudhirai attam is very famous as a dummy figure of a horse is worn on his/her hips and they dance on the wooden legs. This needs lots of practice, and they wave a sword or a whip.
Parai Aattam is another form wherein the group will beat the parai (drum-like native percussion instrument), which sounds different. This is the oldest form of dance. People in ancient days used this art for many reasons like announcing something which the King would have said, victory or defeat in the battlefield, gathering people, or warning wild animals, etc. Even today, this dance form is famous.
Bommalaattam means using dolls or puppets. Those who were good at this form used to pull strings from behind the cloth screen and make them perform a dance or drama to tell stories. Even during India's freedom struggle, they used this art form to inculcate patriotism in people.
Therukoothu is performed during March and July. Theru means street, and this dance form is performed on the streets in many villages, towns, etc. This assumes in folklores, songs, dances, dialogues etc from Puranas like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. The most important part of Therukoothu is costumes and make-up.
Silambaattam is a type of martial art. It is used in folk dance form without being violent. This art form helps in defending ourselves.